{SUGGESTION] Ender Chest

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by QuilliamPenn, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. So i was using Ender Chests today as a way to store items while mining, in order to essentially carry more, and i realized i had left diamond tools in town (They have been there for months it just happened to pop in my head at that time) and due to the fact it is QUITE the trek for me to get back to town, i wondered if my siblings could mail me stuff via Ender Chests, i later found out you could not do this.
    I think if we could use a command to give other players access to our Ender Chests, it would be really cool, this way we could have a sort of Mail system too! and i could give supplies to my younger siblings, whilst in the wild and far from spawn (They don't venture out much) and they give me stuff from town while i am in the wild! I think this is how it would normally work with Ender Chests anyways, just without the command and EVERYONE would have access.
    Just curious if this is possible, because i think it would be a really cool addition.
  2. This could be taken advantage of because people could use their other accounts to transport, essentially a vault in the wild.
  3. Ahhhh i did not think of that, well dang. Why must people try to exploit everything -_-