[Suggestion] Endangered Creeper

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by wonderwoman_16, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. isn't needed, the current mobs are fine -1
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  2. I agree.

    But wouldn't it be nice to have an extra mob?
  3. Do you mean Enraged Creepers? We already have those.

    Unless you do mean Endangered Creepers.
  4. it's too much trouble to go through for something that isn't needed :p
  5. I think it's needed.
  6. -1 (I dont post reasons)
  7. Sounds a lot like enraged creepers, I already can't go into the waste without dying at least twice. :p
  8. We already have a hard enough mob to fight, we do not need the same one, endangered or enraged, whatever, enraged is hard enough, -1
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  9. After reading through the whole OP, the spawn rates or item drops might need to be changed a little. TNT and gunpowder isn't worth searching for one of these :p
  10. :p
  11. Y u close it
  12. Originality is a great thing.
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  13. You should start. Really.

    Posting just a +1 is fine; it shows you agree with/like the suggestion. Posting -1 is not helpful. Use your post to point out what you don't like about it, what is wrong with it, what doesn't make sense, etc. Rather than just shooting down a suggestion, provide reasons and improvements.

    For exmample, take the suggestion about Staff for a Day. That was shot down but people expanded and changed it into a completely new idea (and a pretty darn good one, at that). That never would have happened if people just posted -1.