(SUGGESTION) Enchantment price thread.

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  1. I think EMC should have a thread with all the enchantment prices. The big enchantment shops would help with the prices This would lower the threads asking for price checks.
  2. I don't think that there is a tremendous about of threads about this and I also think that the price is not only subjective, it is subject to fluctuation and change according to updates and availability making it hard to nail price. As within the week it could change.
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  3. Good Idea! As long as we update this thread Weekly... It should be fine!
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  4. all items are 30k rupees!
  5. YES /sarcasm lol totally great idea
  6. Yet people think paying 75k for 18!! enchanted picks is expensive it works out at some thing like 1.5k 2k a pick its nothing,
  7. People don't got money, I didn't got it too until 3 months ago, now I am at 150k
  8. A question for Aikar: Will enchanted items be included in the new shop system? In other words if I type "/shop buy bow-f1" will it return a result similar to "/shop buy stone"?

    If they will be treated the same as other items, I don't see a need for anything special. There a a lot of people who sell enchanted items out of chests. With the new shop system, you would be able to price them without a lot of running around.
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  9. Ooh, I can sell my Unbreaking 1 wooden pickaxe for 30K!

    I see what you did there with your sig... ;)
  10. well i this is a pretty good idea

    sorry for my bad gramar:)
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  11. Well, I think this is a pretty good idea!

    Helped you a bit!