[Suggestion] Empire Endorsed Servers

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  1. Since we all know that tekkit/FTB servers will never, ever happen, then I believe there should be a workaround for it. Maybe some player run servers that are "endorsed" by EMC? Still no advertising or anything, but maybe just a small box on the side of the website linking to their server. I don't have this idea fully worked out, but I believe that it could work. (maybe)
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  2. Endorsed is like advertising, and I don't think they would want players to leave for other FTB servers
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  3. As Stinkydoodie said, this endorsing of other servers thing will likely never happen as it is advertising of other servers. This impacts on the potential players and active community of EMC in a huge way...
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  4. If someone was going to leave to find a FTB/tekkit server anyways, there might as well be some kind of empire connection. People would leave either way, it would just be a way to stay connected to EMC
  5. Well ya see, they would be more likely to leave if this was to happen because its like putting a big banner on the front page saying 'hey leave EMC because its not nearly as good as this server!' (which is entirely not true) So I vote that it should not be endorsed by EMC but if a player wants to make one than thats fine just dont advertise on here.
  6. The problem is, some people want to play FTB/Tekkit, but they don't want to leave the EMC community. It ends up creating problems, that shouldn't happen (Ex. people advertising) so there should be some way to work around this.
  7. If someone should do this. I think:
    Same mods and Admins
    Same rules
    EMC adds run in chat on the server.
    But sadly I think it will never happen :(
  8. It is a good suggestion, but the problem is all the money it takes to maintain a server like EMC, and a normal player would not do that :confused:
  9. Meh, I owned a 32 slot server for 20$.. If you get some donators it would be easy, I would say one 100 slot server where you can build where and whatever you place cannot be destroyed