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  1. Hello, I am starting my own mega mall and I have just thought of an idea idk if its good but...
    When you place a chest and fill it with the same items, you can then click it with a checkout wand (enchanted stick). When you click it, it creates a sign above it. If that sign gets clicked the item goes into the person (who clicked it) inventory, atm they have not paid anything. They then have to type /checkout buy and then they will pay for all the items taken all at once, if they cant afford it it will be automatically put back in the chest it came from. People could type /checkout sell and the items they select (small pop up of inventory) will automatically get paid for and put in the chests. The shop owners could do /checkout add and the same will happen as if you where selling them but instead obviously you would get no rupees. There could also be signs that make a pop up appear and you could do your shopping through that by there being a list of items sold, in categories (chosen by shop owner) and the prices and you could just click and then /checkout buy and you will be done! Shop owners could simply edit this whenever, creating categories just as if they were creating folders on a computer.
    Thanks for reading, I will answer questions
  2. Interesting idea. I sort of like it.
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  3. We did talk about something like this in the past, where a new sign code can be setup to buy the entire chest.

    So its something we will do eventually.
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