[Suggestion] EMC shop "buy" shops

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  1. After the discussion on how teleporting could possibly cause hyper deflation on EMC(I disagree with this hypothesis whole heartedly) the problem of deflation became a center piece of discussion. As one player noted: controlling inflation is much easier than controlling deflation, inflation possibly being less detrimental to an economy than deflation.

    Emc shop gives us a protection from hyper inflation. I am sure there was some reason that this was thought up and put into action. I can only guess that someone tried to corner the market on some good and raised prices ridiculously although it could have just been a thought experiment and preventative measures were taken.

    Thought experiment similar to those had about the deflation?

    My suggestion is to have EMC shop not only be a place you can go and purchase goods for an outrageous price but also sell goods for a dismal price. Establishing a bottom line on the price of goods much lower than the accepted and fair market value could be used as a preventative measure in this way.

    For instance EMC shop could buy stone at 1r for a stack. Ensuring that the value of stone never goes below 0.015625 per block. This may take some time to do and might ultimately be of little use much like EMC shop already is but it IS there for these "if" situations isn't it?
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