[Suggestion] EMC Event Schedule/Timetable

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Is a EMC event schedule/timetable a good idea

Yes 9 vote(s) 81.8%
No 1 vote(s) 9.1%
Neither for or against 1 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. I really appreciate that ICC and staff members put in the effort to create events like mob arena's and nether wither battles etc. but they are quite unorganized. Normally when a mob arena or similar event goes on it just comes up with a server message like this 'Mob arena on SMP 5 in 10 minutes...' which does not give everyone a chance to participate as they may not be on minecraft or too busy etc. so my idea is to create a EMC schedule/timetable. This is my rough example:

    EMC Timetable Monday 21st January- Sunday 27th January
    Monday- No planned events
    Tuesday- Mob arena on SMP 4 10PM GMT... (extra details here)
    Wednesday- No planned events
    Thursday- No planned events
    Friday- Nether wither battle SMP 1 9PM GMT... (extra details here)
    Saturday- Spleef SMP 9 4PM GMT... (extra details here)
    Sunday- No planned events

    This gives people more notice of events that are going on. Obviously there will be a issue with time zones but if ICC can find a timezone that best for everyone than that would be great! Any suggestion on how this system could be improved please post below!:)
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  3. Great idea
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  4. I like it so it must be awesome :)
  5. Maxarias runs a mob arena EVERY wednesday and puts up forum posts about it too...

    As for the wither nether thing, that's IceCreamCow having some fun. Us other staff didnt even know 'til he told everyone.

    The problem with planning events is that we staff have real life things that come up and may hinder completion of these events. Would you rather we say we are gonna do something, then cancel? It's hard to plan everything in an organized manner and be able to stick to it. Therefore, we tend to do things when there is time...
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  6. I did not really take into count things that go on in RL lol. Thanks for the constructive critiscism!:D
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  7. Quick Question When are the nature walks?
  8. Nature walks? I've never heard of them
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  9. Bump! :D
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  10. *We other staff
  11. I like the stuff being random though, Its kinda fun to see something going on and just join in
  12. BUMP! :D
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  13. we now have a new section in the forums just for events :D
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