[Suggestion] EMC Duels

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EMC Duels?

Yes! 3 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. Hello! This is quite a interesting suggestion if I say so myself, but I really like it from my point of view.

    Ive set up a list of questions or statements you might ask to make it a bit easier ;)

    What is "EMC Duels"?: EMC Duels would basically be a PvP area only for 1v1's. People always in the PvP area want to 1v1 but cant with other players interrupting and it is quite annoying if I say so myself. 1v1 are pretty popular in PvP and this would just make it 100% easier.

    How would this work within EMC?: Well basically you could have a sign that says "[Duels]" and you could right click this and it would bring up say Pages of players who also want to 1v1 and if you want to 1v1 the player, simply click there head and it would TP you to a separate arena away from everyone else so the 2 players could duel it out. Or even a /duel [Player] and then the other player would have to accept it and then get teleported to a separate room.

    Why would this be needed?: A lot of players would want to 1v1 another player to see who is better and this would be a huge competition. This could also just be for bragging rights :cool:

    Where would this go?: This could be added anywhere like the PvP section is, or in the new and upcoming Game Server.

    I hope you guys enjoy and like this idea. I would love to see this.

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    - Agent