[SUGGESTION] Egging for Diamond?

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  1. Okay, we all know it costs 100 rupees to egg passive mobs in the wild, why not make it 50 for iron, 15 for gold, and 5 for diamond? Honestly eggs don't sell for that much anyway, and I think it's a waste of rupees to egg something for 100 rupees. Plus maybe you want to make an iron farm, and egg a villager(s) in the wrong place, and want to re-eggify it, and you end up losing money. Thoughts?
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  2. Or, just make it free for diamond supporters. Another perk for donating.
  3. I don't think it should rely on supporter levels. Typically supporters are used to the game anyway and realize that you should come prepared and not make a egging mistake. I suggest that it should just be lowered to 50r per egg and leave it as it is :)

    I don't think it should be less than 50r at all, because that could kind of ruin the point of breeding in town. :)
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  4. I agree with ^^^^^^
  5. Yes, but shops sell eggs for under 30 rupees a piece, thats a big rupee lost in the long run.
  6. Yeah.. because the point is to breed in town and then sell the eggs you get :)

    Tbh egging outside of town is only for people who don't want to buy from a shop and want to start breeding. I personally don't think you should really do it at all. Then there's also the issue with horses; some of those in the wild would certainly cost more than 100r. If you wanted it's probably even possible to egg horses in the wild for 100r a piece and make profit :)
  7. So, why make it cost less for people who get more rupees with logins anyway?
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  8. To get a DC of pig eggs without it costing 345,600 rupees.
  9. Because if you were trying to get that you would totally do it in the wild?
  10. Yes, I would do it in the wild, for a big reason. Hahah I wonder if anyone will catch on to this one.
  11. The only way I could see use in the was when i dropped like 10k on horses when the first came out, other than that id just breed in town.
  12. Think of it this way. Diamond supporter comes with 13 FREE eggings per day in the form of 1300 rupees. =)
  13. Well, in 266 days I'll have a DC of pig eggs.
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