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  1. My suggestion in the update thread was likely not noticed, so I figured I would post a thread about it. I am too lazy to rewrite it, so I will do some magic.
    It should be relatively easy to add an eggify:young subflag. The check for if a mob is too young to eggify could be done using the [entity].getAge() method. I am pretty sure that getAge() is a method in Minecraft, but if it is not, there has to be another way to determine the age of a mob.

    The rupee charging flag would be a plus, but obviously not necessary. It could work similarly to [slot] sign verification or admin flag verification.

    If anyone has any other suggestions related to this, feel free to post them below. Any discussion of how this could be used is welcome as well.
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  2. Another bump.:)
  3. I know it was buried in that massive post, but I will re-post it. Yes, we will add Eggify sub-flags, not sure about age-based flags though. To be determined.
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  4. Uhhh is there any way I could convince you that this was just a discussion?:rolleyes: Anyway, I am excited to see what new flags come out.:)
  5. If I may, I will 'discuss' the current sub-flag expansions. The when and how is still up in the air currently. The following may have plans for some expansion:
    animaldamage, breed, buffs, build/place/destroy, dmage, eggify, explode, kill.
    Your original suggestion regarding baby eggification; I do not think would be appropriate for a residence flag. Maybe as a setting for eggification though. I have put thought into improving eggification in the future, but that would come later :)
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  6. I have a question about the suggestion:

    You mention charging the player per animal they egg? You mean in the wild like it is now? Clarification needed...
  7. Yes, charge per animal egged except it would be done on residences. The residence owner would set the charge rate, and customers could breed whatever animals they want, and eggify the young ones (ie 10r per egging). It would likely be most useful with horses, but applicable to all other animals as well.
  8. Yeah....that part I wouldn't get your hopes up for. Too many issues there.
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