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  1. So I've noticed, from my experience, that Economy chat is either rarely used or is being used wrongly. My thought, with a comrade, was to remove the ability of permanently staying in Economy chat and rather have the "@e" required in order to use it. This would prevent more misuse from occurring more heavily and filter down the amount of spam Economy chat can cause from stuff that isn't actually involving an economy related topic.
  2. Or just ave the system find key words ( like for eco chat as well :D ) and put them in town chat. Like if its not a link or doesn't contain the words "buy" "Sell" "buying" or "selling" put them in town chat automatically.
  3. I think something like that is already added
  4. I think this is a great idea +1
    People don't really need to be toggled in the Economy chat. Unless they are conversing back and forth, which could easily be done by adding @e before the message, or private messaging.
  5. Moreover I think since I do forget is for the server to automatically set you to town chat everytime you go to town or change servers. If you join in wild or Frontier, local chat but that doesn't apply to supporters.

    This limits quick spam of town economy chats.

    I think this should be incorporated into your idea of people not being toggled in economy chat.
    But yes, I think this a great idea. +1
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  6. We may add a number of filters which may automatically re-route chat into economy chat. But, we also have to avoid changing expected chat mechanics. Players should never be relying on the system to automatically re-route any message to economy chat. But rather players need to be trained, informed, etc. to use this chat over town when appropriate.

    In regards to the suggestion. This seems counter-intuitive to how ANY other chat channel works. Why wouldn't you be able to toggle it? Also, not everyone knows the shortcut into a chat channel using @e. Again, will only worsen the problem since they will not understand how to even access the economy chat.
  7. The reason why I believe it shouldn't be toggled is because no one person talks in economy chat for more than 2 minutes straight unless they're improperly using it. And those who don't understand the chat channels yet still don't use it anyone, whereas those who do understand them AND use economy chat will *most likely* know the quirks of @e by then. The way to prevent this would be to add in the chat help, in-game, how people can use "@#" for talking in other chats.
  8. Honestly, I think economy chat is useful. If players are wanting item I sell, I could make more rupees. And economy chat is in a different color, basically highlighting the message.
  9. I'm not asking to have economy chat removed =P
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