[SUGGESTION] Easter Promo

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Evesthery, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. I got an idea for an easter promo the other day. You may already be working on something similar, but I thought that there could be easter eggs, which would be a promo available throughout March with lore that says something like "You found an egg!" or "Happy Easter!", and a mob (not sure what mob it would be, since EMC is not 1.8 yet) that is named Easter Bunny. Kinda like Blizz Ard. :) Or, a staff member with an Easter Bunny skin could compete in PvP for only Easter weekend (like IceCreamCow :D). Either way, when killed this mob/player would have a chance of dropping a special chest called Easter Bunny's Basket. Again, sorta like Blizz Ard. :)
    DISCLAIMER: If this is even remotely like something you were planning, it's a total coincidence. I have no clue what the staff is planning for Easter (or Valentine's Day, for that matter :p).
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  2. Oooh Valentine's Day ... :)
  3. Lets hope EMC gets to 1.8 before easter so we can have some Easter Bunny promos :)