[SUGGESTION] Dystopia Server

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  1. I know this has been suggested before (and I think confirmed) but I wanted to bring it up again. Right now the Wild feels very, well, boring in a lot of cases. There's no real challenge in it if you have good gear, which it seems everyone does. I know everyone has been waiting for Dragon Tombs but I think Dystopia servers would be a good thing to fill the time with.

    You may notice I said Dystopia serverS, not Dystopia server. I say servers because I think having two would be a good idea. One where just PvP is enabled, and one where PvP is enabled but griefing and looting is allowed.

    The first server would be the "easy" one that is more challenging but not so much as to turn anyone off. It would basically just be the normal wild with PvP and no safe zones other than the outposts.

    The second would be a true dystopian server; a hardcore "survival of the fittest/best hidden/best teamwork" server. You would never be hundred percent safe on this server as you could be killed or have your base destroyed or your stuff stolen. There would be no way to protect your outpost or lock your stuff. It would be true survival. I know this server would be a big change for EMC but I think it could also help bring new people in and pose a nice challenge for those who wish to have one.

    That's just my two cents (or 0, if your country doesn't have pennies) on the idea.
  2. Ehh...
    For... reasons.
  3. play on difficulty 10 and run around at night and watch how easy it is even with op gear. also dystopia wont have griefing at all we are a strictly no griefing server and wouldnt want any confusion. particularly when you can vault things over. pvp might be enabled but no griefing would be allowed.
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  4. IMO Difficulty 10 is like being in the 'utopian' dystopian server :)
  5. I've wanted a Dystopia server for a long time now, but not the Dystopia you described. I love a challenge, especially when fighting mobs. However, I do not want Dystopia to be a PvP/factions/griefing server. That is completely what EMC is against. Personally, I'd like to see:
    • Infinite night
    • Difficulty locked at 10
    • Boosted custom mob spawn rates
    • No PvP, griefing, or stealing
    • Connected to other servers through /server or /dystopia
    • More cool things like this.
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