[Suggestion] DT Add-ons

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  1. Another idea.

    For Dragon Tombs, for a small amount of tokens, sub-areas of claimed land could be set, where people with flags for that area could use the respective perks even if they didn't have the perks in the main area. Anyone with +admin could do this, and having flags on the main area overrides perks on the small areas. This would allow people to create bases with different people having different perks in different rooms, allowing for public outposts to protect themselves and allow members to still build without needing another claimed area.
  2. This is about DTs, not town. Plus, this idea has tokens to make adventuring worth it after you have an egg.
  3. everything about Residence and town will apply to land in the wild too.
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  4. Okay.
    Will -mob and -creeper exist?
  5. no, itll still be survival. thats the finer details we still have to figure out when thats closer is exactly how survival works in them.
  6. is this canon tho?