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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to make a suggestion! So, A lot of people like to do Drop Parties! So, I though EMC could make a drop party arena! But.. on what Smp? I was thinking Smp2.

    I think Smp2 would be a good area because it's really quiet there, and it would be nice to have some excitement on the Smp/server. (Especially because it was the Smp it decided to let me live on :p).

    The Drop Party Arena would let players drop items without flags. Everyone would have permission to get into the droppers and put items in there, but only the owner could do that. They would also have permission to use a lever to make the dispensers work.

    Then, it would start DPing items! Sounds like a good idea too you, guys? Please leave down in the comments if you liked the idea! :)

  2. Reserved comment for if needed.
  3. Yesssss + 1!
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  4. Thanks!
  5. Not really needed. I think many users have places for rent already. Would be time EMC could spend on something else.
  6. Yes, I get your point. But it would be helpful to the Empire so wouldn't keep having to build them. It's amazing what the EMC can do.
  7. I agree EMC build team makes some amazing things. For me, I just don't see any added benefit in having EMC build one over what is already available and helpful from community made ones. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think there are some that are made only for DPs so wouldn't need to be remade. What do you think the added benefits would be over the current ones?
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  8. I'll read later when I have more time, and edit the comment.
  9. -1 I personally don't like this, there would be to many problems. Anytime someone wants a DP, staff would have to come set perms, and if the perms aren't set by staff each time, then people could just walk right up and steal. DP Arenas aren't even that difficult to build.
  10. 12002 is a res designed solely for drop parties with the ability to make everything automated, i can make it public if i wish but i like using it for the bigger longer parties. im also making an even larger version on utopia at 5002 but that wont be done for a little while.

    so what reason do we need build team / staff to make one?