[SUGGESTION] door and chest logs, and who placeed/when it was placed block logs

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  1. i think we need chest logs, door logs, and who placed/when it was placed block logs for mods+ i think it would be very helpful to solve crimes
  2. Pretty sure this already exists.. I know it works for enchanted tables, and they can track who goes where at what time.
  3. However much I would love to be able to see all that lovely info there are two problems:

    1. LAG!!!
    2. adding to the hundreds of pages we have to search through already is just mean. ..
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  4. it doesnt, i swear some stuff was missing from some of my chests so i had an admin cheak it out and she said there was no chest logs
  5. Right, but we can still look up what player was at what coords at what time. Just search up for the coords next to your chest in the time that you think it was stolen.
  6. well, it was in town so =\
  7. They do not keep logs for town, that's why you give them permissions with flags
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  8. well, i was moving res's (smp9 to smp7) and the owner of a res on smp7 let me store my items, there, when they were there some items started to dissappear not like when i was looking in the chests, but like overnight
  9. Are you missing a lot of things now? The only way to know for sure that a member has stolen from you in town is to ask if they have, they have to confess.
  10. I think you probably should have chosen your transfer residence more carefully. Like others have said though, the only way to find it out in town is to look at evidence and such :/
  11. xHaro is right, the little message in red that pops up when one gives build permissions says basically that the permitted person is being trusted by the res owner. That little message really works both ways with trust in town.
  12. this is why im sugesting the chest logs, for more evedence, we have none so far
  13. That'd cause a load of lag/spam on square..
  14. meh
  15. ..which is one of the very top priorities in EMC
  16. As much as this would be useful, kryssy is correct. If we logged everything to do with chests and doors, we'd have massive databases, bigger than we have now, and that would cause a lot of lag...
  17. In town, only trusted people can use stuff on your residence using the permissions. If you do not know them well, do not store stuff on their residence, as you do not know what will happen, and may have a hard time getting it back. Can you tell us what exactly was taken from the chest(s)?