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  1. About a week ago I attended a drop party on a server other than my home server, and I picked up a bunch of starter soulbound items like bread and torches. I didn't want them, and it seemed that I couldn't even /dispose of them so I had to resort to placing down a chest in /waste and putting it in there. Why isn't it allowed to be disposed? You already get a message that warns you that you won't get anything you dispose of back, so I don't see the problem with letting soulbound items go in there. At the moment they're just a pain to deal with if you don't want them.
  2. It would ruin the plot.
  3. Which plot?
  4. The point (what I assume you meant) is to keep it when you die and to prevent accidental loss. /dispose is by no means "accidental loss". When you /dispose something, you know exactly what you are doing.
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  5. -1

    It was recently added that you cannot put soulbound items in /dispose and the benefits of having it are too important to remove IMO. If you want to get rid of them you can make an easy garbage disposal with a chest and some lava. Super easy. I've almost but my voters bow in /trash a few times.
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  6. It was not my home server and I'm trying to get rid of it ASAP.. Having to buy a chest to take it out to the waste is an awful solution. I don't see the benefits of having it the way it is now. It is so much easier to just look at what you are throwing away than to have to buy a chest and go to the waste to get rid of it.
  7. +1 and -1

    -1 for the reasons above.

    +1 because I think that it would be really nice to do this.

    My mind is mush; I cannot think of reasons right now.
  8. Yes, there is a warning but we are not changing it back. We added the soulbound exclusion to help protect those players that do not read the warning or are absent minded from losing voter/promo items. It is easy enough to rid yourself of soulbounded inventory if you really want to as stated above.
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  9. You can always vault the items. Even enderchest them if one is around.
    Or if you have a load of soulbound torches or soulbound bread, just mail them to me! ;)
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  10. /mail send f_Builder_sDaNub >.>
  11. As MrSocks75 has already stated, this was a change put in due to numerous issues with players accidentally losing their items, due to clicking too fast, ignoring the warning etc. Just like the protection against dropping the items straight from your inventory onto the ground, this change was put into effect in order to prevent the situations we were having.

    We will not be reversing these changes. If you need to destroy something that is soulbound, then please do so manually with a chest and lava, etc. Just as you would have to do so in order to drop one at a party.

    Suggestion denied
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