[Suggestion] Disallow Spam Forum Games

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Disallow Spam Forum Games?

+1, they should NOT be allowed 10 vote(s) 71.4%
+0 0 vote(s) 0.0%
-1, they should be allowed 4 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. Warning: Opinionated post below. ;)

    Hey EMC,

    There have been a few forum "games" that are just spam, a recent one involving counting. These threads constantly are in the Recently Active Threads list, and in the place of those threads there could be something... better. Usually these threads die after people get bored of them (only takes a few days), but they're still annoying to see. :(

    In my opinion they're complete spam and shouldn't be allowed. They contribute next to nothing to the forums. There's not too much to write for this suggestion - what are your opinions on these games? Thanks,


  2. I wonder what people get from counting. Is it really all that fun? And also it is annoying because when there is a legitimate game happening that has the possibility to have new players, nobody except those who look through every forum subcategory will be able to join because each time someone else counts, that counts as an illegal bump. (Correct me if I'm wrong)
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  3. I agree with this 100%, a simple counting game just takes up space on forums and are annoying as you said, +1
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  4. as much as i hate them (and trust me ive done my fair share of reporting them) they dont currently violate any of the rules.

    so people of this thread propose a new rule/rule revision that wouldnt be annoying to normal threads or prevent active threads with conversations on them from progressing and then get krysyy to approve it :p cause i have yet to think of a good compromise that doesnt require a paragraph to explain in the rules section

    edit: i also think that threads that essentially ask for bumps but dont word it that way shouldnt be allowed but those get by due to things like giveaways
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  5. Wouldn't those threads violate Forum Rule 1: Do not spam? That includes "posting content with no value," and I'm pretty sure those threads have no value. ;)
  6. Depends a lot on the thread, really.
    In the most recent one, which you pointed out in the OP, upon further review (by myself), I've decided to close the post since the thread was pretty much pointless.
    However, older examples, such as that other thread in which poster #x would get a prize, aren't really seen as spam, since there is a point in posting. It's almost like those giveaways where you choose a number. 90% of the comments are numbers only, but it's not seen as spam, since there is "value" in posting them.
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  7. it isnt considered spam because it is relevant to the op and the original post'ee isnt bumping, the same way someone reacting to a new nations post or any of the other forum games like guess the next poster, or guess the last posters fav food with their own seconds later wouldnt be spam. like i said a well worded and concise but also not misleading rule needs to be added/edited
    edit: wasnt considered spam*