[Suggestion] Derp Derp Derp (Death Points

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  1. Well I Was In The Wastelands Mining With A Haste 2 Beacon When I Was Ambushed By Some Nice Brothers In Arms Who Had Died, What They Forgot Was That I'm A Friend So I Took A Arrow To The Knee And Died Fighting The Rest Off With A Pickaxe.

    What I'm Trying To Say That There Should Be Some Way To Find Where You Died, Instead On Having To Remember Where And How You Got There, This Would Wreck Some Survival Aspects Of The Game But The Server Is French Vanilla (As They Say)
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  2. any of the map mods do this, also mods can tell you your death coords
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  3. Yes But There Shouldn't Be Something That Is Just For People With Mods (Some Of Us Just Don't Like Installing Mods), This Would Kind Of Balance The Diff Between The People With Mini maps And Normal People
  4. I am impressed that all of the words are capitalized... What bitemenow15 said is true... Not a bad suggestion, I would do it like this...

    a command that tells your last death world/location for the respective server you are on :)
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  5. It's The Worst Habit I Have, If I Don't Have Capitalized Words It Kind Of annoys Me A Lot.
  6. Thats kind of a terrible habit (no offense). It is more difficult for me to read. lol
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  7. In a weird way, it makes me feel like they are not shouting, but talking slowly and emphasizing Every Word.
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  8. Exactly. i got a bit of brain damage but Im open to getting used to it.
    Also part of the minecraft survival is paying attention. if you wander off and die and dunno how to get back, well, yay minecraft. if you feel the need to use mods to find ur way back it takes away from the overall experience but thats choice.
    Btw ive been jumped by mobs wearing armor and weapons from a person. so much pain.
  9. 3 Days Mining + School Work = Which Way?
  10. If you don't want to use minimaps then use F3 and read coordinates. Write them down or something, then make your way back to them later.