[SUGGESTION] Derelict Chest Lock

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  1. I have found the iron farm in utopia! Hooray! But what is that? The chest leading from the hopper is locked! Can you believe that? It is even locked BY A BANNED PLAYER! What I am asking is that once a player is at least banned that their locked chests get deleted.It would be nice if 50 day derelict players also got their signs removed (With the refund of 500r of courses). Do you agree? Post below!
  2. I agree, except for the refund!! Awesome idea!
  3. Yes, this would be quite helpful
  4. Obviously banned players wouldn't get a refund. He's talking about derelict only (not sure if you understood that), which personally makes sense to me :)
  5. I don't think we need a blanket rule like this.

    If the farm you are referring to was built by more than just that person or was intended to be used by other people like a public one, then the person who Locked that Chest there should not have.

    I would contact BigDavie, ShaunWhite, KrysyyJane, or Maxarias and see if they can remove it for you.
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