[suggestion] deleting threads

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  1. I propose that all members are allowed to delete Threads they create, becuase some people mess up creating threads, and it is kind of a pain to ask a mod to delete it for you
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  2. EDIT: the title sould say: [suggestion] deleting THREADS. See how easy this would've been if i could've deleted this thread and restarted? Or be able to also change the title. That could also work :)
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  3. You could just ask a mod to close it.
  4. That is a pain in the bottom, if we had the power to delete threads, it would be ALOT quicker, and Mods wouldn't have to worry about people asking them to delete threads for them, making them more free to catch rulebreakers
  5. Lol the Irony. But I agree, this could help. :) The only downside could be someone posting something and then people replying and then the OP change to something horrible. Example:

    OP Title: What Do You Think?
    Post: Do you think these piggies deserved to die because they are delicious?

    Posts: Oh yeah they deserved it blahblahblah.

    OP Edits post to something horrible like Halocaust/rape/murder stuff.
    "Do you agree with what Hitler did to the Jews?"

    Posts: Oh yeah they deserved it blahblahblah.
  6. 1) thanks to the mod who changed the title :S
    2) people would remember the orignal name of the thread, and not fall for the trick
  7. Yeah but when referring to posts, i meant that the ones already in the thread would be that way. I'm sure others would post that it's wrong. I didn't explain it well. :I