Suggestion: Dedicated Frontier Server.

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  1. I would like to propose a dedicated Frontier server. Such a server would not have a Town world; it would only have the Frontier, and the Frontier Nether.

    Going back to Town could be quite a hassle for someone who lives in the Frontier. In fact, I primarily present this. I would go back to Town to visit a unique residence, to attend a drop party, to attend an Official EMC Event, to access Vault, et cetera.
    If we had a dedicated Frontier server, we would be limited to the Frontier, so you need not wonder who is on the same world.
    For this dedicated server, all players would either have access to Vault at Spawn, or access to the functionality of beds. The idea is living in the Frontier – self-sufficiency, construction taken to epic proportions. People may live in the Wild, without having to leave their homes.There should not be PVP on this server.
    This would appeal to a broader audience. Some people like living in Town, some people like living in the Wild (Frontier), and some people like PVP. I enjoy living in both Town and the Frontier.

    I ask that we consider this, as a community. (Theoretically, such a server would not need to be as powerful, for it need only handle two worlds instead of five; however, far more stress would be on maintaining those worlds.)

    If you support this idea, say so in the comments. If you support not this idea, say so in the comments. If ye speak not, thine opinion helpeth not.
    *On a side note, what if the cost of accessing the Vault was directly proportional to the distance from Spawn, in the Wild? It could decrease for supporters. Or, perhaps, if it were exponentially proportional, thenpeople would be motivated to go to Spawn to access Vault.*
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  2. Maybe TNT disabled?
    Maybe not an entire server, but something.
    I believe they are making a minigames server in the distant future, maybe this could be a part?
    To reduce stress on staff is why I think TNT would have to be disabled.
  3. Yes, I support this.

    No vault would have to be a premise, as, to an extent, it ruins the survival aspect stressed in the creation of such a server.
    If it is reasonably possible, I would advocate it.
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  4. As an FYI, it's a minigames world :)
  5. Oh yeah :p
  6. Yes: no TNT! Thanks for catching that.
  7. This confuses me.

    Are you saying you don't like living in the Frontier because you can't go back to town, or it's too hard to travel back?

    If so, that's why you live in the Frontier on an SMP that's not your home server. There are plenty of servers to pick from. I have one which was my Wild server, and I've not been back to Town on it in oooh.... 400 days? I have another server which is my Town server.

    Problem solved.

    This doesn't make much sense to me.
  8. Loving this response!
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  9. I live in smp5's Frontier, and I avoid leaving my smp5 Frontier home for events in Town – it is inconvenient, though definitely bearable. Allow me to put my second argument this way: if I choose to live in the Wild on a server, should I have limited access to the Town on the server I choose?
    Note that even if such a world were implemented, I would not abandon my smp5 home. I would certainly live on the Frontier Server, though!
  10. I guess the answer to that question would be yes, in my opinion. We have 10 different town's and frontiers, counting utopia, it just seems like it really wouldn't be too much of a big deal to sacrifice access to town on one of the more deserted town worlds. And definitely easier than creating and paying for a whole other smp server.
  11. Depends. If you want to live in the Wild and take the risk of being found, then you can live within a feasible range to the Wild spawn to get back to Town.

    If you want to be truly safe from griefing, then you're going to be at least 400,000 blocks out (I am, although I did this before the Reset, so there are no tracks leading to my village) in which case you forgo the ability to return to Town.

    Anyway, this is all a moot point because if you believe what EMC say, then eventually, one day, maybe, possibly, there will be Wild Portals that you can build to warp back to Town (In conjunction with land ownership).

    So you'd be kicking yourself in the arse if you built a Wild home on a Wild only server and they then introduced Wild Portals, eh?
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  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^

    This! ALAS! This! Truth!
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  13. I am suggesting a Server mostly isolated from the rest of the EMC Servers. On this Server, you are either in the Frontier, or in the Frontier Nether.
    I care not about being "found," for the live map should be present. I worry not about griefers, for the Staff have already proved time and again that they can take care of the griefing.
    A dedicated Frontier Server would be a completely different experience, by the way. However, these "Wild Portals" would certainly take away most of the benefits of a Frontier Server. However, it would be quite nice to be able to sleep in beds, just as in Vanilla Minecraft.
  14. the only downside i see to this, is that there would only be ONE world, for all of us. do you know how crowded that might get? as, now there are at least 10 worlds and not so much threat of over population.

    that is the one thing i dislike, unless you know your neighbors.. but when i join servers, and they give you one world to live in and they have 50k+ members, and there is a house every 20 blocks.... the land looks like hell.

    i think this is a good idea when it comes to never ever having to tell someone you can't come to town on that server because you're thousands of blocks away. but, the downside i'm seeing is running out of room, or people living too close to others being confined to one tiny world. sure, i understand the world is limitless, but someone should see what i mean.
  15. Still makes no sense.

    You can isolate yourself from EMC as much as you want in the Wild. You can have a completely SP experience on EMC if you want to.

    Pick one of the many SMP servers that you never go on and aren't interested in, go for a long walk in the Wild and there you go.

    How can it be a completely different experience if it's on a dedicated server? You're still on the Frontier, you just don't have a Town, which you wouldn't have if you never went back to it in the first place.

    Or alternatively, go play on a server that's not EMC if you want to be truly isolated from it. :D
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  16. I see what you mean. You bring up a valid point. Surely not everyone would live on the Frontier Server, though enough would.
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  17. I believe the point was missed. First off, please don't turn my words on isolation against me to say that I want to be isolated from EMC, although I do admit I chose my words poorly, as always. I mean that the inventory, Vault, and perhaps Stables are isolated from the Wild experience. The Frontier becomes a primary focus. People would not be in Town. There wouldn't be an economy. Beds can be used by all players, so death no longer restricts Frontier life.
    I have been to many non-EMC servers, and I do not believe any of them are doing it right. EMC has the ability to make it work.
    I might as well add that which I thought was obvious, but I should know by now is never so: this suggestion is subject to changes.
    If you want the Vault on such a Frontier Server, then you should have to pay a certain amount depending on the amount of manual labour required to go to a location where the Vault can normally be accessed at the normal price, possibly at an exponential rate. For example, if you are 1,000 meters from spawn, it could cost only 500 rupees; however, if you are 100,000 meters away, it could cost 1,000,000 rupees. This, also, would be subject to change.