[SUGGESTION] Daylight savings promo

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Good Idea?

Yes 1 vote(s) 5.9%
No 16 vote(s) 94.1%
  1. A promo for daylight savings such as a Daylight Savings Clock that makes your res have light for another few ingame hours, plus it would be beneficial to have light at night for if you are working on a big project. Another ingame Daylight savings promo could be a Light Clock which is like a moving torch that you can carry. Just some Ideas:)
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  2. Daylight savings is not a holiday. We still have promo going on for the Lucky Bow.
  3. I feel like if we implemented this we would just be tossing promos out left and right.
  4. Then dont make it a "promo" but a EMC special
  5. Soooooo a promo... An EMC Special IS A Promo.
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  6. Also the Lucky Bow is this year only right this promo probably wont be implemented this year
  7. You guys really think this is a bad idea.:(
  8. No..... Just no -_-
  9. Aren't we doing that now? >.>
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  10. I hate to break it to you, but daylight savings is not a special occurrence on any year. In fact, the daylight savings time in the spring is terrible because we lose an hour.

    I appreciate the thought you put into your idea, though the altering time etc on your res doesn't work and the mobile torch wouldn't work either.

    Promos are for observed holidays or community achievements. Think up a promo for a mjor holiday, then try again =)
  11. Um haro....
  12. We are already :/ I'm having trouble catching up with my collection :(
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  13. Terrible?!? After daylight savings you can actually have sunlight past 5PM :p
  14. But no sunlight before 7:30....and it feels like i am waking up at 4 instead of 5 right now.
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  15. This morning I walked outside for school at 7AM and it felt like I was an idiot walking around at 2AM doing nothing. It was pitch black everywhere.. lol
  16. I'm going to have to agree with the other posters on this oneā€¦ Implementation of this isn't practical, and promotional items are intended for community achievements to reward us for our continuing support of Empire Minecraft. Promotions, regardless of how complex/simple, take time to code, and with coding comes debugging. In addition, Daylight Savings Time is an event, not a holiday. While some people may celebrate that they have one less hour to do what they please, it is not nationally recognized as a holiday. In all, I don't believe this is worth investing in, unfortunately...