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  1. Alright so im going to make this short and sweet so no one gets bored but still get the idea. Basically i was thinking of something i was working on and the idea popped up "daily missions". this would be a way to get players to log in daily and work solo at times giving them something different to do each day and switch things up so they don't get bored and at other times team up with a few other players to get things done and to get to know lots of other players that surround them. For those of you wondering what sorts of things here are a few just to get ideas sparking:

    daily mission: kill # this mob, kill # this mob and gain some sort of block or item after completion
    daily mission: round up 25 pigs in the wild (non spawned)
    daily mission: find 2 other players and find 3 stacks of iron ore each!
    weekly mission: gather enough materials to build something in the near future with 4 other players (pre mission for the next)
    monthly mission: use materials that were previously obtained and build a village/city for the locals(locals being villagers that show up out of nowhere once the village/city is built) (certain block will be placed to show the time was spent building and that certain block will be given after a certain point is reached in the build)

    simple things like this but other days maybe something more exiting (i know these are bad examples but hopefully it gives you a good idea of what i mean and which direction i am going in). The times given can be shortened if needed for example 2 weeks instead of a month. again some of them may be some bad examples but it gives an idea of what im getting at and maybe even a repeat or a suggestion that would be no good. but everyone's opinions are welcomed
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  2. Cool idea! I would like this in EMC! I have these in many of my other favorite games.
  3. kinda sunk down really fast that time of night. bump for those that didnt see ;p
  4. I really like this idea ! I always find myself wondering what to do and this is something to kill time and make people sign into EMC daily. +1
  5. Would be cool to do, Though some of these quest/task would have to be challenging and not easy to do within the hour +1
  6. +1 sounds cool and a good way to keep players from getting bored :)
  7. love the idea, +1