[Suggestion] Customize Armor Stands with Books

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  1. Hi all,

    I follow a few youtubers that are on a private server called Hermitcraft. Their season six series has just started and they have a book in which they are able to edit armor stands.

    Here is a link to the video of the book shown (start at 14:33): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7kOePoa5-g&t=873s

    The book allows you to edit the armor stand in a 3 block radius and adjust its:
    -Show Base Plate
    -Show Arms
    -Small Stand
    -Apply Gravity
    -Stand Visibility
    -Display Name with Nametags
    -Position of the stand
    -Rotation of stand
    -Choose preset poses
    -Tweak each part to just the right position.

    I don't think this is game breaking but it is super helpful for builders and it can add character to builds. You could create a story with these. For example, you could use these armor stands around a pirate ship and portray pirates taking gold. Another example, you could build a car and actually put someone in the car without its legs sticking out. etc. This could also help with labeling - make a stand invisible, stick a nametag on it and move it close to a chest; your chests are labeled.

    I believe this uses datapacks tho not enitrely sure what that is. But, the server that uses it is vanilla so I assume it can work.

    Here's a photo of how another youtuber used them:

    Tutorial for Datapack:

    Download Website:

    Someone also sent me this way of doing it, though I think the first is better.: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/86c0n1/a_survival_friendly_armor_stand_customizer/

    Let me know what you think!
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  2. You can also lock the armor stand to prevent others from editing it
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  3. to say nothing of implementation, this is a fascinating idea! I think it could be really cool :D there have been a few times I've wanted to make an armor stand raise their or hold an item.
  4. +1 I really want this for armor stand builds
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  5. I think that this would help builders immensely +1
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  6. Something similar to this has already been suggested. While the system seems very nice, at the MOMENT, it's not a good idea for EMC. We're having enough issues with our custom SS created items to stay where we put them. I'd like to make sure all bugs and issues with armor stand entities are fixed prior to implementing special player options for them. On a server like the one you mention, they don't have near the limitations we do for version updates, etc working with code alone.

    Summary: We like and have liked this idea, but we've got some ways to go before we can pull this off correctly.
  7. Thanks for the insight! I agree, there's a lot on the plate right now with updates and bugs. Hopefully we can see this in the future
  8. The pic is from zombie cleo on the hermitcraft 6 server isn't it
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  9. +1000

    I need this in my life and u could have a camand to let u have the book like /statuebook and it would give u the book?

    I dont know if I just barged in
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  10. Yes, yes it is :p
  11. Update: A tutorial and page with the download have been added to the original post in case it proves helpful in the future.
  12. This has to happen +9001 :D
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  13. To clarify on the official staff response. It is desired to open up these options to the player. The method mentioned in the OP is not immediately usable for our server. Implementation is certainly non-trivial and at this time has not found the priority compared with other projects I have been working on.

    Point, I plan to implement something to give more power to the players - just not this way and not now.
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