[SUGGESTION] Custom Res Unstuck Location

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  1. So this idea is pretty basic and I can't see it being too hard to implement either.
    Basically what I thought would be cool is the ability to customize where the player teleports to when they type either "/res unstuck" or move onto your residence when they don't have permission. This would be incredibly useful as you could send them to an area outside your residence that explains why they don't have permission or perhaps the entrance to your residence.
    So the locations to set as the res unstuck spawn could be any block directly touching your residence that is on EMC path. You could simply set it by walking to that bit of path and typing the following command "/res tpset unstuck" I'm sure this idea needs a LOT of tweaking to make it implementable but I thought I'd suggest it anyway! :D
    Thanks for reading,
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  2. Sounds good, I like it! :D
  3. Thanks I hope it gets thought about and perhaps added to the long list of things to do :D Thank you for your feedback! ;)
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  4. You mention a lot of valid points. I've been frustrated myself by the current location (top corner of the residence, where you fall to the ground). It used to be the closest point outside the residence, but I guess they changed this since it made it easy to make quick runs into the res and do things (before the server kicked you out).

    For /res unstuck, the main problem is specifying a location which once again traps the player, thus defeating the whole point of /res unstuck. It's difficult to devise an algorithm to determine what exactly is an invalid respawn point. If you force it to be outside your residence, then you could easily trap the player in a different residence. The only workable solution I can see is to force it to be on the border of the residence. The algorithm could take the closest border position if another location is given. (Edit: I see later this is your suggestion exactly.)

    If you've banned a player from your residence, I don't see the benefit in sending them to the entrance. That sounds kind of pointless. I think you have a valid point in explaining the reason to banned users. However, sending all users to one location will only work if the reason is the same, or that location discloses everyone who is barred and why. I think a much better solution for this is to allow players to specify the reason for banning when they ban the player.

    As for the location if you don't have move permissions, I suggest the player's home location, or the town spawn.
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  5. Thank You for replying to this thread and sharing your thoughts :)
    In your third paragraph you mention the point of sending a banned player to a specific location explaining the reason (on signs), I intended this to be purely for when you revoke access for everyone from your residence. It's purely for players teleporting next to your residence and walking in or just walking in due to being on the path. This could then teleport them to the border of the residence explaining "for example: I'm cutting trees" not for individuals. If someone bans an individual from their residence then there isn't much point in explaining on signs just for them. If you've banned an individual from your residence it's probably because they were annoying you in some way or another and therefore you may not want to go to the effort to explain why.

    With the whole explaining why someone can't access your residence at a specific time this was just an example of what this could assist. It is already possible to place a sign explaining to players why they don't have permission to enter your residence, simply place the sign at the corner where you exit now.

    You say in your last line:
    This isn't really necessary as if someone is attempting to teleport to your residence through the "/visit" command an error message pops up saying "you don't have movement permission for that residence" so I don't see point in then teleporting that player back to town spawn or their home. If they player simply walks into your residence when they don't have permission they should be sent to your "/res unstuck" location as they may be walking along the empire path for a particular reason, teleporting them back to town spawn could really throw a spanner in the works!

    I understand in your second paragraph you have already understood what I mean so I won't go into detail with that. All in all you bring forward good arguments and valid points also. I thank you again for posting your opinion and ideas in this thread! :D
  6. I setup a sign saying
    Banned? Contact
    nfell2009 For
    What You Did
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  7. That there is an option ;)
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  8. We don't fall anymore, as of one of the latest updates
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  9. Another good point, I forgot to mention that! Thanks for bringing that up :D
  10. And we get "teleported" not slide across the res
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  11. Please clarify.
  12. Before it would look like we go through blocks etc now we just land there like /wild etc
  13. You could trap players... I really don't think this is such a good idea, but good thoughts
  14. Ahh yes now I understand ;)
  15. Actually you couldn't trap players through having access to setting a custom res unstuck location. You would only have access to setting the location outside your residence on the bordering path where you can't build anyway :D