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  1. Hey Guys

    My idea is that there should be random custom dungeons generated around the frontier or wastelands that spawn the custom mobs and have cool armour and/or weapons that are in a chest at the end of the dungeon. These dungeons would be protected so no one would be able to place things or break things inside it. This is good because it will give members of EMC some challenging things to prepare for.
    Every time someone conquers the dungeon it gets more and more difficult. I think a lot of people will like this idea and I know it will be a lot of work and I know that you may be annoyed that I suggested such a difficult idea.

    Hope you like my idea,


  2. GIF's not working.. ugh..
  3. This would require mods, and EMC is Vanilla.
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  4. I do appreciate your feedback but no it wouldn't. It would require Plugins
    Check out the how to minecraft youtube series, season 2 by vikkstar123, no mods only plugins.
    That series is where I got the idea from.
  5. Hmm... This kinda sounds like Dragon Tombs.
  6. It is dragon tombs :D
  7. HOwever with additional plugins, that would make EMC laggyier, and probably result in crashes of the server.
  8. However adding a plugin for said suggestion will make the server become "modded" and we do not want that.