[Suggestion] Cross-Server Teleporting

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  1. So we all know how the servers are now officially connected with the use of a command, right? Well I was curious to see if it was possible we can use teleport signs to teleport to certain residences on other servers, instead of having to type in /server smpX and then having to visit that residence through another command. With the use of teleport signs now, you can teleport to a specific coordinate or a residence, as long as it is on the same server. With the implementation of cross-server teleporting, it takes away the hassle of having to input commands to get somewhere, but instead makes it much easier for those to get around through servers. You could even have teleporter signs at town spawn that will take you to the spawn of the other servers. Of course this will apply to town only. So what do you guys think ?
  2. One problem with teleports to specific residences on other servers, is if you are in a non-town location on that server. Same applies to some of the other ideas. Many people stay in the wilderness on some servers, but they stay in town on the others.
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  3. How about being in the wild on the server that you are TPing to returns the message 'You cannot teleport to town on other servers while in the wild.Do /server smp# and get back to town in order to use this TP sign.'
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  4. Actually a good idea... not bad at all...
  5. I honestly don' see why that's relevant?
  6. Exactly.
    This idea could be kinda useful if i didnt know what server the res i wanted to get on was on. (#confusingisconfusing) eg. 19000 is on smp9, i am on smp1. i type /v 19000. server: You will be redirected to smp9 to visit res 19000 type /tp confirm.
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  7. instead of doing res's and smp telporting at the same time maybe be able to just do /v smp6 then do the res number /v 13021 that might be easier? but you spawn at town ? using the /v smp:
  8. you already can do that.
  9. Haha, it was just a suggestion. I thought of it mainly for supporters who might have more than one residence on other servers, (my cousin actually). I figured because it would be easier to just stand a pressure plate that takes you there rather than to have to keep on typing in commands.

    And chickeneer, that is one problem I overlooked, but a message can display saying, "Unable to teleport to residence on SMPX. Reason: To be defined", or something to that effect.
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