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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by dannydan, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. I think it would be a good idea to make ender chests work across servers.
    It seems to be a simple thing to install (However im no expert) all the server would have to do would be save whats inside the ender chest and pass that information onto the other servers. please correct me if im wrong:)
    I do think it would be a nice thing to include especially woth how big the empire has gotten haveing 10 servers!


  2. I think that the main "controversy" to this is that it would allow people to have an ender-chest 100,000 blocks out in the wild on one server, but be able to instantly transport their items to town on a different server.

    This isn't necessarily a bad thing, if players feel that this is alright, then fair enough.
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  3. I'm halfy-halfy.

    It sounds like a free way of using a smaller version of the vault, which is bad KIND of bad, I guess.
    But it's also a good idea, because it would be a nice way of using free cross-server transport.
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  4. Good: Making Ender chest usage much easier
    Bad: Destroying the point of vault.
  5. Yes. This would completely take away the survival aspect of EMC...
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  6. And the vault doesn't?...

    I'll back the idea up:
    Add a 20 rupee fee, and make it only doable in the wilderness. It would act as a smaller vault.

    Not entirely fool-proof, but adds a little bit more of what is considered 'survival aspect' to it.
  7. Vault will only work in town, so does not effect the "survival" aspect of the game. Players must still venture out into the wilderness.
  8. The idea of an Ender Chest that is a free half-vault sounds nice, but then you only have the one chest capacity total for all servers, so you loose capacity, and you have to empty and fill it more often.
    I keep server-specific stuff in my Ender chests, so I do not want the Ender Chest turned into a free half-vault.
    When I visit another server and shop or go to wild, I do not always remember to (or want to) empty my home Town Ender Chest ahead of time, so that I have capacity.
    Just my opinion at this point.
    There are pros and cons to this suggestion.
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  9. Meh.

    Lock the thread. The idea obviously isn't accepted :p
  10. The vault is for town. If you live wayyy out in the wild on smp1, and you have vaulted stuff from smp#, if you make the journey back, you have "earned" or "worked" enough to justify getting the stuff to use in the wild, without actually having to collect it. Thats how i see it:) I mean, with even a 2500r fee, it ruins it:/ With the wild, you should have to work to get your items. And paying a fee isnt working in my eyes:)
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  11. I really don't like the idea to be honest. While it sounds good in principle, it could be exploited.

    For example, say I'm over 9000 blocks out in the wild on SMP1. I could put the stuff into the Ender Chest and and switch to SMP2, take the items out of a chest there, sell them, make money. I'd never have to return to town, which I just am not a fan of.

    However, I can see one possible way of it working: with signs. Allow each player to have 2 Ender Chest inventories on each server - one cross server, one that only appears on that server. By default, the single server inventory appears. However, if a sign saying Vault or similar was placed above the chest, then it would open your cross server vault. But; you can only access the cross-server inventory in town or areas that you have claimed in the wild - the sign just pops off in unclaimed wild/nether/end.

    EDIT: Possibly a cost to create a cross-server sign, to prevent overuse?
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  12. I live way out in the wild on smp1. Only now have I just realised this idea is good, but not good enough.
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  13. Listen to Jack instead:)
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  14. We may look at making the enderchest cross-server in the future, and doing away with the vault entirely. It may be only a single chest instead of the current double-chest vault, but the ability to use it in the wilderness would more then make up for the reduced capacity.

    When the time comes for the devteam to work on this particular feature, in sure community input would be sought first. :)
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