[Suggestion] (Cosmetic) Colored Beacon Beams

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  1. For the new system it would be awesome if you could add colored beacon beams
    Just right click the beacon with colored dye and the beacon beam changes to that color.

    So you could have lime colored beacon beams or pink there is 16 colors.

    Just an idea it would be cool to have.
  2. This Would We Be Awesome! It Would Make Beacons A lot Cooler Also, We Want This To Happen People! #GetVoting
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  3. Too bad this isn't possible.
  4. Although that would be cool - unfortunately that is not currently possible through a server plugin - would require client modifications to work
  5. It would be cool but who knows majang will maybe add it in a later update but who knows that may not happen
  6. Iron = Silver
    Gold = Yellow
    Diamond = Aqua
    Emerald = Green

    Mojang Make This Happen!

    Maybe Even
    Coal = Black
    Redstone = Red
  7. Test that would make me feel a little sick no offence
  8. Mojang Are Already making Minecraft bad, Why Not Make It Worse?