[Suggestion] contributor Team and Sorting Staff

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  1. So, I want to start a conversation with someone in the contributors team but I don't remember anyone!

    Suggestion 1: Adding a "Contributors" in the Members tab.
    ~It would pretty much show all the members of the contribution team. Would work the same as a the Staff and the registered members

    Suggestion 2: Sorting the staff members in the staff list.


    • Admins
    (Lead Developer
    Community Managers )
    • Developers
    • Senior Staff
    • Moderators
    You can see how it is right now: http://empireminecraft.com/XenStaff/
    It seems that Developers don't have their section and the lead developer is between the two community managers.
  2. In response to your first suggestion, this page does exist:

    The Purple People (admins: community managers and lead developer) are together, but I might be able to poke aikar into moving developers...at the moment the order is based on how long the staff member has been on the Empire. I joined just before Max and Aikar, which is why my name pops to the top. Senior staff are currently below the purple people.
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  3. Have you not read your own forums =P Go read them!
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  4. Never said the page didn't exist (Which I didn't knew it did xD) but my suggestion was adding it in the members tab maybe between the Registered members and the Staff
  5. We would need to add all empire community teams and at the time, I think that we are limited by what Xenforo allows, but we can look into it. We definitely do not want to confuse people and have someone trying to dispute a ban with a youtuber team member, etc...
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  6. Ah right, didn't thought about the space allowed by xenforo and the other teams, but what if instead having them all individually adding one that says "Empire Community Teams" and it'd redirect to http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/empire-community-teams/

    EDIT: Or "Community Teams" which would be a shorter fit
  7. That's the current discussion, but we have something planned (that I don't want publicly revealed yet) that will include something like this. I don't have an ETA at the moment, but you can take solace in the fact that it is coming...=P
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