[SUGGESTION] Connecting Res' Underground

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by sgx2000, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. the same way that you can build over the paths above level 90 (or whatever it is) to connect res spots, i wish you could do the same underground under a certain level.

    any chance we could implement this?
  2. Sounds like a good idea. :)
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  3. This has been brought up before. I can't completely remember what happened though... Anyways I love this idea and really hope it get's implemented in the near future! :D
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  4. nice idea, it would help a lot a owners that want to get there (underground)shop bigger
  5. its a good idea BUT, how would you like it if your neighbor ( or anyone ) dug out all the dirt beneath the town roads? how would you like a stranger digging into your res?
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  6. They wouldn't have res perms to get into the block under your res they're trying to dig into.
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  7. this would be awesome cause if you lived next to a friend you could make tunnels to each others places
  8. but you would still be giving everyone permission to do anything they wanted under the town roads.
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  9. Maybe only a senior staff member can do this? But I like the concept.
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  10. people could have tunnel networks connecting shops im all for it
  11. I don't see the real purpose. Why not just get a res on Utopia if you want it to be real big. Otherwise you have 60x60x256 blocks to build with. I don't think it is possible to go through every meter of your res.
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  12. wel not everybody wants to pay for a game and so they dont get a res on Utopia and if people can go under the roads than players can extend there res without paying any money
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  13. By 4 blocks. Big whoop. You have tons of untapped space on your res so use it all.
  14. Oh look! I have 2 residences next to each other, I want to build a huge shop across both these residences underground. This would allow me to do this.
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  15. you paid for minecraft, didn't you? lol clearly, otherwise you couldn't be playing.
  16. i would better like to have both options. up and down. you get 2 res's beside each other? maybe 4? what if we could get a staff member to get rid of teh road in the middle and connect them?
  17. Well, that's debateable, but moving on.
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  18. at what point does JustinGuy, IceCreamCow, or Aikar weigh in on a suggestion?
  19. You don't need to as each res has exactly 989,184 blocks. If you can't fit what you want in nearly 1 Million blocks then I don't know what to tell you.
  20. Hmmm, Idk but maybe soon.