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  1. I suggest that closed communities have their own chat channels. As an example: Carthaga(The Wilderness Outpost) has many members who all enjoy chatting with each other, but our community isn't in a small space, so we can't use /C L to chat with everyone, and /C G is a pain for many members as you've got to invite anyone you want in the group, and you've got to be invited each time you log in after being gone a few minutes.

    The /C C(/Chat Community) channel would allow Admin Players(Admins within the chat) to invite players to the chat, and once you're in the chat, you don't need to be re-invited.

    I don't know if I explained this well at all, but it'd be nice! =)
  2. Empires, the official name for registered "Outposts" once the system is fully built, will include its own chat channel
  3. I'd have to downvote this.

    Typing /c g and /invite [players] isn't too difficult. It was made to get players to go adventure together and for your own "personal" chat channel (In a way). It's not that big of a hassle honestly.

    EDIT: Annnndddd Aikar shot me to the ground :p
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  4. even though aikar already made this conversation pointless, my view point on it, is more that people get left out.

    Carthaga has a fairly nice amount of players on at any given time, and only being invited when you ask, or someone happens to remember you, isn't that great. and at times there are only a few players on, and they don't notice each other so don't end up getting in a group chat together.

    but anyhow, its great that aikar is so extremely proactive! haha