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  1. In PvP people tend to exit the arena by teleporting out to re-gen health, causing an unfair advantage to people that wants to play fair. I think the consequences should be lose 10 rupees same as the vault but with out 5 minutes of free use people tend to take advantage using /v pvp@blue1 or /v pvp. We need to fix this before it ends up like the water in pvp

    Ender King :cool:
  2. Well Combat log you die if you log out smp6 pvp arena is just for fun you dont get anything from it so i dont think its worth dying and losing all your stuff unless you mean a cool down like if you taged you cant exit the pvp arena? for 10 secs?
  3. yeah there could be a cool down if the player tries to leave from it they lose rupees
  4. I don't think losing 10r will bother some people, would it be possible to make it that if they leave when tagged, they cant get back in for say, 5 minutes?
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  5. That can work too
  6. That would make it even worse in my opinion i would rather have someone why battles then at 1 heart does /v pvp then to wait 5 mins every time to battle the same person again the arena usually only has about 1-2 pepole there
  7. hmmm may they can get kicked from the arena and banned from it for 5 mins
  8. Scratch that people lag out sometimes or crash

    but we can get more ideas
  9. Well, then it can be a shorter time period that they aren't able to get back in the arena. At first people might take a while to get back in, but they will eventually learn better, and decide to fight like the honorable EMCers that I know they are.

    Also, I never have the problem of only 1-2 people there, because if there is no one, I just go ask people on the other SMPs if they want to PvP. Hasn't happened once where any less than 3-4 people are willing to join me.
  10. today there were about 5-10 people at the same time
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  11. I rather have code that does this: If player executes command /v pvp (etc), then last player to damage will receive the head...
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  12. What about the head drop system? if someone has their head drop off people can take advantage of that.
  13. Considering you don't lose anything in PvP, dieing vs not dieing is really not a big deal.

    I'm not sure why people would bother leaving since theres nothing to risk in dying (unless you care about head drops, which you can disable, and letting others kill you with head drop on but pvp off gives you a chance of getting your own head!) so I just cant see reason to spend development time on this.

    The killer isn't losing anything for a player to do it, dying and reentering has same effect as leaving and re-entering, though dying will refill your HP faster...
  14. I think they just don't want to die, even though there's nothing to lose. Maybe it's their pride or something, I don't know why they do it, all I know is that they do it, and we wanted to see if there could be anything done about it.