[Suggestion] Cleaner rupee history.

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  1. Have you ever made a shop? At least one shop that sells 1 item for x rupees and you're selling stacks of them?
    Then you lock an item in the wild/nether/end, but forgot its location, and proceed to search the rupees history for the coordinates, but the history is very long...
    Or you auctioned an item off, but you wanted to check if the bidder paid the rupees, again, the history is long...

    This is why I'd suggest adding a "search" function to the rupees history, or at least able to filter the display into catogories, such as :
    • "Shops" - Displaying any rupee transition through :
      • Buying or selling at any shop. (Player shop / Empire shop)
    • "Player-Payments" - Displaying any rupee transition through :
      • /Rupees pay.
    • "Etc" - Displaying any rupee transition through :
      • Daily rupee bonus
      • Voting for server
      • Referral bonus
      • Locking items in the wild/nether/end
      • /Purchase (Vault or animal)
    This would make the rupee history section much "cleaner" and easier to search.
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  2. The rupees system is smart enough that each record is stored with a different type, so the data is already in place for this. I will just have to have a look at what indexes are present and if they can be used to sort like that easily. Rupees history is one of our biggest data sets with millions of rows. So yes I think this is a good idea and I am adding it to my magical list :)
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  3. ... the list....

    IT LIVES!!!
  4. Also, a player section to see the transaction history/summery for each player.


    Player Summary
    Player | Total Purchased | Total Sold | Sum
    MCplayer1 (click for history) | 12,000r | 1,202r | 10,798r
    MCplayer2 (click for history) | 45,236r | 26,234r | 19,002r
    MCplayer3 (click for history) | 1,345r | 1,580r | -235r