[Suggestion] clan/group sub-category

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should we have a group sub-category?

Yeah! 3 vote(s) 60.0%
Nah. 2 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. i have a few ideas to improve empire minecraft, but I'm not sure with some. I'll stick to my most useful one, clans.

    i am a moderator of a peaceful group called the squid army. we used to be at war with the sky army, but now i have convinced everyone (almost) to stop be aggressive and make peace with sky. i suggested my preferably best server to them, no forced PVP, so we don't get hurt and destroyed by the sky army's turned side. i thought that we should have a thread (squid army) to hang out, organize meetings, sign up, so on. also, to catch up to every other forum, why not make a clan thread. a benefit to everyone else is that people can socialize, and maybe the staff (mods, devs, admins, etc.) can have their own clan/group to hang out in. it'd be funny to watch that thread, or seeing how many people stalk watch the staff's clan.
  2. You can do this already. Well, you can PM your friends/clan members and you can make your own "secret clan chat" If that's not what you're looking at, a clan forum is Kool.
  3. ^ There isn't need for a sub forum section....
  4. Empires private subforums are planned, which will solve that problem. For now, I'd post in general mc discussion, but if it's less than 10 people, start a conversation. :)
  5. because we just started servers. plus, this server is 1.8 1.7 (dead battery, remove brain to reinstall power) and the leader just got PC minecraft.
  6. Sorry, but this server is 1.7. You can't use 1.8 blocks, you can just log in from 1.8.
  7. i meant 1.7. my brain was dead (and still is) then.