[Suggestion] Chunk Borders Layer for the Live Map

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Bedziu, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Hi there, my suggestion is simple so there won't be much text about it but it would be handy for planning a build especially nature farms like reeds. Suggestion is to add new layer showing chunk borders straight at the empire live map, not everyone likes to load MC clients with extra bytes of mods like voxel's map.

    Not everyone would use suggested layer as well but grid could be hidden by default and having that option implemented would be pretty handy from time to time to plan build just right without further surprises. Think about it and fell free to comment.
  2. Whenever I am planning out a build, I tend to use Excel (or calculator if I am being lazy).

    Function : =((round(A1 / 16),0) * 16)
  3. Id say it is a nice idea Bedziu ;), it would help EMC players to build better buildings, malls, and etc...
  4. This is also a nice idea, but my calculator (and so do some other players have the same problem) is somewhere nowhere to be seen. Well with the computer calculator... you could be lazy( :) ) to put away away minecraft, search the calculation, get the answer, and tada.
  5. I used to use Voxelmap but lost patience with the last update and started using the Debug screen. I feel like a cyborg sometimes, but about the only time I toggle it off anymore is when I'm expecting to do something dangerous and want my screen clear.

    Many players are already familiar with it, but if you are not, the XYZ coordinates are displayed along with the block numbers within the current chunk. There are more sophisticated alternatives but it is something everyone has access to.