[Suggestion] Christmas Promo

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  1. So it getting around Christmas time and I was thinking about what the promo could be.
    I am suggesting that the Christmas promo should be Rudolph- he would be a all brown horse(red nose if possible)
    he would also have very good stats:
    • jump has to be high because everyone know reindeer need to fly
    • he has to have good speed otherwise he wont be able to get around the world in one night
    • and good heath because he needs to be able to stand up to anything in his path.
    To some people this may sound stupid since we already had a horse promo but who else represents the Christmas spirit more. reply what you think about this
  2. lol, smart 3 facts
    never would of thought about tho's 3 things to make a horse op
  3. You basically want all 3 of the Promo Horses combined? There's a very good reason why 3 different horses were released for the stats, simply because a horse with high levels in all stats would be, as said already, highly OP.
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  4. not extremely high just like 100% speed, good jump, and then an decent heallth
  5. Rudolf… my least fav Christmas song. Along with frosty the snowman of course.

    Anyways, it is actually a really good idea. I know the stats are op, but who actually uses horses much anymore?
  6. Maybe if you nerfed it a little. 120 speed, 80 jump, 26 health? Fair trade off for each stat IMO.
  7. Maybe a bit too little on the last two.
    115, 90, 27?
  8. 90 jump is OP
  9. It'd be just as common as 120 speeds if people actually ever bred for jump :p