[Suggestion] Christmas Promo!

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  1. Hey EMC! So I was blooping around on smp7 and thinking about promo items...I thought of a really neat christmas one that I think would be great. HOLIDAY EGG NOG! It is a renamed bucket of milk that is renamed holiday egg nog. The perks of it are it never empties so you can make infinite cake with it or eat tons of zombie flesh and drink off the effects everytime. It is never ending so you will never need a cow to make cake or drink off negative effects or any potion :). Plus it is soulbound so you will never lose dat nog of yours. What do you guys think?
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  2. Seems legit, not that anyone really likes Egg Nog, sorry guys :3
  3. Well its quite a christmas tradition so it makes sense...
  4. cool and funny +1
    is it soul bound?
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  5. Of course it is...don't wanna lose your nog :p
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  6. I think that would be great, and it gave me an idea. What about a Christmas Snowball. It would be a regular renamed snow ball that you can throw infinitely. As a perk +1 damage, but it will not be soul bound that way no-one will want to use it in a mob arena.
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  7. Hmmm I think that could go quite well along with this egg nog...you would get to choose between them
  8. Ehhh... I prefer soul bound, no need for the plus 1 damage, It is already good enough. +1 to a potato
  9. I'll never give up on my IcecreamPig. Never.
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  10. Bump for the holidays :)
  11. +10000000000000 due to my Momentuses.
  12. Eggnog is amazing D:
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  13. Thanks :)
  14. I don't like the infinate cake making idea of it, seems a bit cheap to me. Just think of it was an infinate diamond, not really fair is it?

    +1 from me apart from that though
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  15. Technically, cake is already an infinite renewable resource. The eggs from chickens are infinite, the wheat can be infinitely farmed, because you get at least one seed per crop. The egg nog bucket would just make the process of taking the iron bucket over to a cow over and over again a little bit less of a pain.
  16. why not have somthing like torches that are different colours and does not melt snow/ice, to act as xmas lights?
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  17. what about a brown horse called 'Rudolf' in red and it has awesome stats :p
  18. Not many people like horses...including me :p its not as christmas spirity
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  19. I dont like horses its just cool and ok then a modded elf villager :3 hehe I wish
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