[SUGGESTION]Cheaper Vault

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  1. This is self-explanatory.The vault should be cheaper.
    I thought of this when I was picking up 2 DCs of items from SMP3 and had to pay 80r extra in vault costs.
  2. The price is fine where it is. It stops people from abusing it, and is overall a good idea to keep it. Also, why 80r? Drop items on the ground and then /vault them.
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  3. 80r because my inv on SMP1 which was where I was taking it to,was nearly full.
  4. You can receive over 1000 rupees a day voting.. Or you can get 5 vault vouchers and receive free vault.

    We have no plans to remove or lower the vault fee.
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  5. Vault vouchers are really expensive and voting would be fine if it wasn't for the capcatchas.
  6. 10r really isn't all that bad. The solution is voting, and if that is too much work, then so be it. :)
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  7. lol the vault fee isn't even high.
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  8. grumble
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  9. This has already been asked for before, and it has been put down constantly. No. The vault fee is because vault, is like a privilege. You have the extra storage to carry things cross server, however, with that comes a price. The price is 10 rupees each time you open vault. You can easily get rupees by voting daily, and just logging in. In my opinion, it should be a lot more to open vault, but because it is such a low amount, the price of expanding vault costs 10k each, if you do not have treasure vouchers. If they were to lower the vault fee, it would make expanding vault cost even more.