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  1. It occurred to me earlier today that the constant flow of talk from people around the server was a bit overwhelming when trying to focus on my building project. I was thinking that there should be some kind of command, similar to the Chat Channel commands, that allow you to only see a certain channel, and maybe even the ability to only see chat from certain people. For example I might be able to use /chat stream local to only see the things said in the local channel, blocking out the town and supporter channels, yet still allowing people to PM me if they want to get a hold of me; something /chat off doesn't allow. (Then something like /chat stream all to return to seeing all of the channels)

    There could also be something like /chat stream add [player] and /chat stream remove [player] to make it to where I can only hear said player, and then remove him from my stream if necessary. (Of course if I wanted to hear local and that person, but he is talking in the town channel, the /chat stream add command would allow me to hear only him from town and then all of local.)

    That might have gotten a little confusing, so if you have any questions just let me know. :)
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  2. Actually, we did at one point have to ability to leave channels.
    No idea what happened to that.
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  3. Justin de-implemented it due to not many people using it. It's gone D:

    I aprove of this idea.
  4. I miss the /leave command. I hate trying to talk to someone only to see:
    P2: CAN I TOUCH UR BUM? *There was much worse than this in chat earlier but I'm not gonna repeat it.*
    P3:Hey can
    P3: I come
    P3: to ur res
    P3: OMG WTF!?!?!?!?!!
  5. Perhaps Aikar can bring it back in if the demand is great enough.
  6. *bump*
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  7. That sounds like a lot of work to code in.
  8. Ya that's why I got rid of it lol
  9. Huzzah!
    But now my quote will leave it there forever more! :p
  10. Yes can we please have the optional feature of turning off town chat? I would like to talk to my friends on local chat without seeing people begging for attention and complaining on town chat..
  11. Personally, I used to use /leave town all the time. It still allowed my friends to pm me, rather than having them show up at my res flailing their blocky arms about trying to get me to turn chat back on. I really miss this feature and wish we could get it back. It looks like I'm not alone in this. It would be nice to leave town chat without having to actually leave town!

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  12. I think I remember one of our senior staff members reasoning behind removing this feature when someone suggested adding /leave back again; to put it super simply, the server had to filter/check every single message that was typed into any channel and block it for you, if you have that channel off. Whereas with /ch off, the system isn't working at all on your side - it doesn't need to.

    Aikar can probably give you the details.
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  13. It would lag the server out alot, as it needs to filter it only for you, like AlexChance said, but depending on how well the EMC code core rewrite worked we could try it again.
  14. Aikar hasn't rewritten the chat-type code :/
    EDIT: Actually he might've, I haven't heard him talk about it though. Just residences
  15. But he rewritten EMC's core code, which is meant to reduce lag to fit in the Dragon Update and reduce 60/60 lag.
  16. Ahh yeah but I don't think the lag changes will have an effect on chat lag. :/ Maybe it will though, you never know :D