[Suggestion] Changable Fail-over Spawn points (Or possible multiple toggle-able spawn points)

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  1. If you don't know what I mean, lets say you travel like a million blocks out over a period of months, and you find the perfect place to build your home, you build your home with everything and in a slight oversight you place a painting or a torch into the laying area of your sprite and have that set as your home. But you go out and get killed by a creeper hug or something, but because your bed area is obstructed, the default fail-over kicks in and you end up in central spawn instead of your nice cozy house a million blocks out. My idea is to be able to allow the players choose their fail-over spawn or make it possible to set a toggle-able secondary spawn point to fail-over first unless that point is also obstructed and then the default fail-over takes you back to central. I understand that there could be some way of abusing this, but it could always be made a supporter function.. What does everyone else think..?
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  2. this sounds cool I'd like to see this added :) +1 from Bro
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  3. Hmm some fees should apply
  4. If this were an option, I know I'd use it to travel out to my distant base and back, and I think most people would do the same. Land Claiming will help solve the problem to some degree, but other than that, I think you'll just have to deal with it and be more careful setting up beds.
  5. I like the idea, but as you said, I can see this feature, if added, being misused...