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  1. I'm on smp2 ... Someone asks me to go to a res on smp1 ... say res 102 ...

    With new BungeeCord I can type /server smp1 ... then type /v 102

    How about skipping a step? (Bungee Jumping - so to speak :p )

    Me type /v 102 ... the server determines which smp I'm on and auto /server switch me...


    /v 102 (The server see's I'm on smp2 ... it sees if res 102 is on smp1 ... if it's on a different server - in this case it is ... it will then auto switch to /server smp1 for me and then go to that res '102')

    There are some exceptions to this:
    This won't trigger if the res is on the same smp that you are on.
    This won't trigger with generic names - such as /spawn , /town , etc
    It will only trigger using /v (res) on a different smp
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  2. I think this would be a good idea.

    EDIT: First!
  3. We really can't just type 2 commands?
  4. More coding for Aikar, otherwise good idea! But I see a problem with that, sometimes I just want to see where a res is without going there so I type /v 5038 (Example) and it says is on server so and so, but if this gets added I'll just get teleported there :s
  5. We're already using BungeeCord, which at the moment has very limited capabilities, plus isn't there like, 9 102s spread throughout the 9 smps? (<--- Could be wrong, though :p)

    Also, what's wrong with just typing /v 102? It's just 4 characters, excluding the space, so trying to skip it is just laziness :p
  6. No i'm saying typing /v 102 ... would (if i'm not already on the server) ... type the BungeeCord server switch for me (/server sm1) ... then take me to the res

    If i'm already on the same server, BungeeCord server switch doesn't trigger ...
  7. Yeah, I'm seeing what everyone else is saying, is typing one extra command really so hard to constitute the extra work?
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  8. I know it comes across as me being lazy :p

    But initially speaking - if someone doesn't know what smp a res is on ... they'd have to /res info or attempt to /v res to go there ... and when it says they can't - it would then say what smp it is then on...

    Without having to look up what smp a res is on...this technically would help speed up processes for staff... helping people out.

    Also for events or drop parties - quicker switches.

    Or even for just general transportation.

    It is more work on the server side, I know ... but for most individuals it would make resident traveling so much easier.
  9. Then what about this
    -Player is on smp5
    -Player wants to find one of his friends residences
    -The only residence on smp5 is bob's fourth, but player doesn't know that
    -So player tries /v bob, /v bob-2 etc. to get there
    -With the way we have it now, player is told each time where the res is once he tries /v, so he can /server if needs to
    -With your system, he is teleported all over the place to different server that he don't even wanna go to, it can be quite confusing.
  10. its something already planned, one of the reasons I wanted us to have bungee to improve experience, but itll be low in priority...
  11. If this thread is anything to go off, people don't want that. Although if there was a way to check the server without having to server-hop when just checking a res, that'd be good.
  12. I see one problem-what if i am in the wild on smp5 but i want to teleport there from utopia town. This is an easy fix with a message that comes up saying "Invalid Teleport" or something close to that.
  13. True - it could say 'Cannot teleport to residence; Account currently in wild(wasteland/nether) on smp5'
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