[Suggestion] Bump Someone Else's Auction

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Bump Auctions on Alternate Accounts?

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  1. Within the last 5 minutes, ICC has said that you cannot use alternate accounts to bump auctions. I'm suggesting for that to be changed, but for you to be able to bump a thread, you must say who will be able to bump. For example:

    Item: Infinity I Book
    Starting Bid: 500r
    Min. Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction Ends: 24 hrs after the last bid
    PenguinDJ2 is my alt, so I reserve the right to bump this thread on that account.

    I don't see why not... please post your ideas/comments down below. Thanks!

  2. No problem with that :)
    Could also help with people in projects and companies too.
  3. Good idea, for other people! I don't have an alt, and I don't think on getting one! But I think that it would be good if someone used their alt to bump their auction. :)
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  4. Quarterstop and I have done this before and no one cared (we said in the op we could bump each other)
  5. ICC has recently posted that this is illegal. I'm proposing this is changed because it doesn't seem like a huge deal.
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  6. Yea...
    It doesn't exactly make sense why it is illegal >.<
  7. 500r

    (Someone had to do it)

    I agree, there's no reason why it shouldn't be allowed.
  8. Uh
  9. It was already a reach that we decided to allow bumping at all, as it's universally known online that any bumps within 24 hour of a thread being posted could be considered spammy. If you can post an auction with one account, it shouldn't be to hard to use that same account to bump it. :)

    The only reason any account should be posting in forums is to: A: Place the auction (Auction starter) or B: Bid on the auction or ask any questions that are VITAL to knowing about that auction that isn't posted (Auction bidders).
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