[ SUGGESTION ] Building on certain roads

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  1. Hey everyone, so I have, like many others, a residence right beside another residence of mine. I think that it would be cool to be able to build on the strip of road between the residences. You could pay somewhere between 40-60k to be able to build there, and just combine the residences. Say you were a diamond supporter and you combined them, you would still have four residences. They would not count as one res, they would still count as two. I like this mainly because sometimes it may be difficult to describe a road edit to SS, and after they have edited it, you may want to change something (which would cost an additional 10k). Tell me what you think :)
  2. This suggestion has been given before and denied due to the current method how roads are set up.
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  3. This is an awesome idea, but one thing. I think if you have 4 reses in a square, you should be able to buy the roads, but you have to make them be able to used by other players. and youd have to be a diamond supporter to access these features.
  4. I mean if you get a road edit done, you would (normally) build it somewhere (EMC/Singleplayer) and they'd world edit copy it in, so it wouldn't be like a description of what's being built.