[Suggestion] Build Permissions - Y Coordinate

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  1. With the advent of hotels, mega farms, and people constantly looking for jobs, I think build permissions should have a Y coordinate restriction. Think about it this way...

    You build a hotel and a person rents a floor. They could have build permissions from Y:100 to Y:104 so they could build whatever they wanted and people who own the hotel wont have to worry about them breaking or stealing anything from any other floor.


    Say someone wants a job and you own a mega farm. You would gladly pay for someone to farm for you but you're afraid they will break or steal some of your other items. Simply restrict them to Y:64 and they can only access the first level. Or if you own a massive sugar cane or cactus farm, restrict them to Y:65 to Y:66 and they can only take the top two levels off and not hurt anything else.

  2. Yes, but this could possibly lead to griefing if not handled properly. Also if you have other buildings on that same level not apart of the same building, then they could grief that as well. But I think its a good idea if made properly.
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  3. True... Perhaps we should be allowed to restrict X, Y, and Z coordinates.
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  5. I vote too complicated.
  6. Yes I believe it should be X Y and Z, I have a game that requires them to build and mine and steal, but its on a utopia res, and I don't want them griefing/stealing around the rest of my res, that's why I need those permissions to set it in a specific area
  7. This is a good idea, also the stuff in the link that Kadboy posted would be useful for a public stone gen without having to cover the redstone parts in chests or other containers