[Suggestion] Bring Update Warnings to Chat

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  1. With the "DO NOT UPDATE" thread back on the front page in preparation for the release of 1.6, it's inevitable that there will be several threads popping up next week begging for help after updating too early. As we all know, this happens every update, mainly because a huge portion of EMC members rarely (or don't ever) use the forums and won't know to not update until it's too late. Since everyone who this issue would affect plays on the servers, I think it would be useful to add these warnings to not update as one of the server-wide alerts that pop up periodically. (Such as the voting reminders and "EMC Update" notifications.)

    Between now and the release of 1.6 planned for next week, every member who doesn't have their chat or the news notifications disabled will most likely acknowledge the warning at least once. I'm sure there would still be those people out there who don't pay attention to the warnings anyway, but it would probably largely cut down on the amount of people either asking for help or leaving because their favorite server isn't updated while they are. Please share any thoughts below. :)
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  2. I agree. This is an amazing idea.
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  3. Good idea!
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  4. Support!
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  5. Ah, how true this is!
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  6. Would be super easy to do, since the automatic messages are already in place.
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  7. Like the automatic voting meesages arent already annoying >_>
    Other than that support.
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  8. This already happens?
  9. It didn't happen prior to this being posted, so either a staff member saw this thread or it was a complete coincidence.
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  10. Yes, I added it thanks to this suggestion :) it was a good suggestion!
  11. Yay suggestions FTW!