[Suggestion] Breed Flag Auto turn off when Cap is reached (Town)

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Yey or Nay?

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  1. So Im not sure if this was in place and maybe its broken or removed but heres how I come to you with this suggestion. Let me start off by telling you what has been happening to a few on EMC. Some players like to have auto breeders such as villager breeders and they breed breed breed as long as the residence is loaded. Some players have other mobs on the residence and the villagers seem to despawn those mobs and replace them with more villagers in the breeders. So here is my suggestion:

    I think we should have it where when the mob capped is reached, the breed flag should be auto turned off to false with a notification that tells you so it can prevent breeders from despawning other livestock on the residence. This suggestion is purely for town and not for wild/wastelands. Think its good with some minor tweaks? Let me know and post it here. All ideas need additions from the community.
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  2. I really like this idea! I've just lost my jeb_ sheep and my pet pig with saddle which made me sad even though they are just a general mob animals I had an attachment to them. (and my all color sheep and cows)

    it didn't hurt me that much after I made a breeder for villagers because it was working only when I logged in and I was having fun in my res but now I got several neighbors next to my res who are pretty active all the time (which is really good! since I didn't really have neighbors so I felt isolated a bit) so it affected chunk loading I think...
    so I think I lost around 40 animals in a day. thank god I didn't lose my fast horses but never know.

    I know we are getting an msg if we tried to breed more than 100 and it stops spawning any new animals but it doesn't stop villagers so if this flag established it will be my fortune!! thank you southpark347 for the consideration and suggestion!
  3. Seems like this would be working around a bug. I would rather not allow Villagers to breed at all if my Residence has reached its limit rather than allowing them to breed and then randomly deciding what entities to despawn afterwards. If I were to try to spawn one with an egg, I would not be able to. Breeding should work the same.

    You could manually limit your Villagers by building a breeder that limits them rather than using an infinite breeder. Forty Doors will get you about 15 Villagers allowing for 85 animals, for example. I know they are bigger but we've got a lot of flags already and people would be having to check to see if their breed flag got flipped without them realizing it when something doesn't work right.

    I intentionally do not pay attention to updates until they are on EMC in order to make it more of a surprise. I may be wrong about this, but isn't 1.8 going to force us to manually breed Villagers? Are auto breeders even going to work soon? If so, it seems like this problem will kind of take care of itself.
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  4. Hmm Ill have to look into 1.8 villagers and see how they work.
  5. 1.8 still has villager auto breeding =I