[SUGGESTION] Bid to add EMC to "sponsor servers list"

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  1. Hey guys! So I was doing my daily vote on the Minecraft Server Lists (Minestatus) and I noticed at the top servers are able to bid to be listed at the top of the site as a sponsor server.

    So my suggestion is the ICC/Justin consider bidding with any of the spare supporter earnings to boost the popularity of EMC once again.

    It's true that the popularity is down right now and new updates will change that but as long as the price doesn't get too high, I think this would be a fantastic boost for us! :)

    Link here: Vote - please vote for us for 50r and then check out the top of the screen! :D
  2. Of course not my money to spend, but the servers are usually well below capacity, and this means a lot of potential supporters missed out on, as well as substantially less economic activity. It's nice to have less griefing though.

    There are many other ways to advertise as well which may help:
    - Thread on MineCraft Forum.
    - Improve/encourage referrals (if there is a referral system).
    - Attempt to re-engage inactive players. This may be in the form of an email newsletter, random bonuses, etc...
  3. We will be having a staff meeting this Sunday and our advertising options will be discussed there. Thanks for the suggestion, it will be brought up. :)
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  5. I used to vote daily when I was just starting to play then the bonus stopped being much of an incentive for me as I accumulated rupees. Now I just do it occasionally when I'm reminded like today.

    I've seen discussion of game play bonuses recently. What about a bonus of this type for voting? A random potion effect for 15 minutes might be fun. Maybe a temporary bonus attribute on an item in my inventory, like a sword or helmet.

    I don't know if it's possible, but I've played other games where I can drink a potion and my skin is changed until the effect wears off. If my skin appeared to have a crown or halo after voting, it'd be cool.

    It could become a sort of status symbol. Maybe after you've voted 50 consecutive days you can wear a crown in Town. Something you could toggle on or off like /map (show|hide). People would want to know how those who have crowns got them and more people would be inclined to vote for the perk.
  6. Thanks for this suggestion. One of our topics will also be the voting rewards/visibility. I'll bring this up as well.
  7. Well, we are not focused on economy. Economy is simply a tool to help you play the game on EMC, but currently its also one of the main "fun" things to do that's different, but the upcoming updates are changing that.

    And actually I believe we did use to do sponsored server bids. Just the past 3 months~ have been impossible for Justin to put in the same effort... Things will be returning back to normal soon, just hold tight.

    I also work for a marketing company IRL, so I will be bringing my experience to EMC, and natural SEO is something the guy sitting next to me does (and has me do for our company site...) so I can get tips from him.

    But cant promise you economy will be a focus keyword we go after haha.
  8. No white list is another BIG one..
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  9. to extend the idea above maybe have a random item pool, and voting gives you a random chance at that pool? :)

    Vote and have a chance at 10 diamonds!
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  10. While we are suggesting things can I suggest a lottery, one that the server runs. and you can buy tickets for it..

    Perhaps it could have its own chat channel so not so much spam is created
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  11. I play on a server who uses this - It doesn't work - It ruins the price of everything.
  12. Physical diamonds of that quantity being given out just for voting is just too much IMO.
  13. Well, I think his idea is "chance" at that item...not everyone gets it for voting. Something like maybe: Each vote gets you a "ticket". Each week there's a raffle where say, 10 players will win 10 diamonds (or whatever other items we might use for this kind of idea). 10 "tickets" are then chosen.

    Also, feel free everyone to post other ideas you'd like to see for this. Even if it's not possible, it may spark other ideas that are. :)
  14. The ticket system I like, almost like a lottery - I actually think it's an amazing idea if done right. What I don't like the idea of is an imaginary "wheel" that spins when you vote and you're guaranteed to instantly receive something off that wheel, whether it's a good or "bad". I'm not sure why, but it just doesn't appeal to me, instant rewards that could be of "very high" value - possibly because, on occasions, people will have to work less for reward.

    EDIT: What about having the "lottery system" give out small boosts (as well as items) that you can activate on demand? Eg: a 20 min speed boost, use /vote claim speed to use, or 10 mins fire resistance obtainable with /vote claim fire. Obviously, you'd have to randomly win that boost before it would allow you to use the command.
  15. I don't see any problem with giving out diamonds, in itself. Given the current procedure, I get the rupee equivalent of about one diamond every time I vote anyway.

    On the other hand, given my and many other player's Rupees status, it's just not a good incentive. Everyone has diamonds. Give me some effect I can proudly strut around with until it wears off or something that gives me some sort of bonus while I mine or fight Ghasts/Creepers with for fifteen minutes a day and I'll be happy.
  16. If this is possible coding wise, it might be neat for there to be options as well. For example before or after you vote, you would choose what you want:

    (1 hour of x status)
    (1 hour of y status)
    (1 hour of z status)

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  17. What if instead of a random item lottery we had a random rupees lottery?

    So every day you voted you could get between 50-200 rupees and if you voted 10 days in a row you could get anywhere between 200-500 rupees. Also maybe every 3 days everyone who voted would be entered into a random 1,000 rupee giveaway.
  18. Other random suggestions:
    • A * before your name in chat for 30 mins or so after you vote
    • A temporary non-supporter map hide ability. Eg: 30 mins of map hiding time added that could be used on demand, would automatically show again after they run out of "credit" - of course you wouldn't be guaranteed to get this for voting, it would be randomly given. Supporters have infinite credit.
    • A coloured nametag for the day that you vote on. I've seen it done before, and it can look quite effective.
    (Just throwing ideas out there)
  19. 10 diamonds is only 400~ rupees... Hardly that big of a deal :confused:....

    I don't see 10 diamonds crashing the economy any time soon haha... and I was meaning at like 5-10% likely hood. So not like the market would be flooded with diamonds.

    Considering supporters get that+more every single day, having a random chance for a free member to get that is not going to crash the economy.

    Everything sure does ruin the economy :(
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