[Suggestion] Better TP signs

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  1. Hey all.
    So im in the middle of making a giant 11 x 11 x 15 maze and im trying to make it easier to access the rooms and sections of the maze without doing the whole thing over and over. The suggestion. I was wondering if there was a way to be able to use tpsigns to custom places on another res, instead of going straight to the designated spawn point, the res next to me is mine and i wanna have a tp room so i can tp to the rooms without any trouble, problem is i can only tp to the spawn point.
  2. This was thought of but caused too much lag but I don't see how it could hurt as a supporter perk :)
  3. Yeah, that too. Just think it would be a good idea. Even if it means you could only set custom tp's to your own other res's and not others.
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  4. This, is possible.
    When you use /res tpsign it makes a note of your position.
    What's to say it can't be on your other res?
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  5. You need use and build to make tpsign's on other res'
  6. He means tp signs to specific points on other res's.
  7. SYSTEM says you can't. /res tpsigns only apply for the res you use them in currently.
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  8. It does indeed, but the sign used is what makes note of the coords.
    Why can't those coords be an another res?
  9. Why can't it be changed to be like that, it can. However, currently you can't put another reses coords on a tpsign. In fact, you can't put any coords in, the system just overrides/removes them.
  10. I have only gotten them to work like portals where it takes you to the tp spot. The two residences I spend the most time on have tp areas with muliple plates in those areas.
  11. All that has to be changed is to allows the use of /res tpsign across res's, but of course, only the ones you own.
    Seeing that once you step on that pressure plate it TPs you to the coords on the sign, it would be no different if those coords were on another res.
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  12. There must currently be a check in place when you place a tpsign to see whether the destination is on your residence. Why not remove that restriction and instead check a flag for permission to do this?
  13. well the original request was to be able to at least have tp between your own res's if your a supporter as mentioned earlier. Having a tp to a specific location on another person's res would kinda defeat the purpose of having a spawn point, especialy on a pakour coures' people could cheat and have a tp to specific locations, unless you need a use perm to use the command on that res. I would at least like to see tp's between res's you own if your a supporter.
  14. While the concept of putting up tp signs to others res for say common shops is a pretty nice idea, stuff like this hasnt been done due to politics such as the parkour example.

    It would need a flag to enable others to define their own tp set points on your res.

    As for your own res's, its possible but low priority on the queue of things to do.
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  15. ok, good to know its been thought about at least
  16. Ok, so I want to bump this because I still think its a good idea and would help with alot of builds and would simplify lots of teleporting systems, instead of having to teleport from res1 to res2 spawn then your desired res2 destination, it would cut out the middle man, and would also allow for greater functionality when building multiple builds on one residence or cluster of residences.
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